Training Department of a Healthcare Provider
Training of eLearning Authors / Content-Developers and Course Managers for the in-house Development and Delivery of eLearning Courses for Staff
  • Training of trainers and SMEs for eLearning concept development
  • Storyboard training
  • Authoring tool training for a newly assembled content development team
  • Developing of a course template
  • Coaching during the development of pilot modules
  • Training of the management and support team
  • Pilot implementation on the LMS
  • Standardisation of content and introduction of quality assurance measures
  • Evaluation
Similar projects for
Provincial Government Lower Austria, State Hospital Graz, Red Cross, UNIDO, UNEP, OSZE, TATCOT, GIZ, Ministry of Health Tanzania, UNWTO and many others

Building blocks deployed

  • Instructional Design Training

  • Storyboard Training

  • Template Development

  • Authoring tool Training

  • Course Management Training

  • Online-Tutoring Training